Special thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers for a successful 2017 season you make all this possible! Registration begins February of 2018!

All Division Rules

1. Unless listed in the CYBL League Rules or CYBL Divisional Rules, MHSAA and NFHS rules apply.

2. Anyone not showing proper sportsmanship will be asked to leave the field. The umpire may consider a forfeit for that team.

3. All batters, base runners or children coaching bases, must wear their helmets at all times while on the field of play. Deliberately removing the helmet during live play or a dead ball shall result in an immediate out. A ball remains live. Though helmet straps are recommended, they are not required.

4. The ball remains in play until it is returned to the pitcher and he/she is in contact with the pitching rubber or the umpire calls time out.

5. If a base runner fails to touch a base or fails to tag up on a fly ball and the umpire sees the infraction, the umpire shall wait for an appeal to call the base runner out. If the base running infraction is the third out of an inning, all runs scored by the following base runners shall not count. If the umpire did not see the infraction, he/she will not call an out.

6. No jewelry is to be worn.

7. Home plate is fair territory. A batted ball that hits or settles on home plate is a fair ball.

8. In those cases where a base runner is touched by a base coach while the ball is in play, the runner will be called out and no run will score as a result of crossing home plate.

9. Free substitutions are allowed only at the beginning of an inning, except in an emergency. Each player who is on the roster must play 2 defensive innings. All players on the lineup will bat, “Bat the Bench”.

10. Umpires may call an out if they think a team is deliberately stalling.

11. A pitcher must deliver with at least one foot in contact with the pitching rubber.

12. Warm up pitches shall be limited to seven (7) pitches at the beginning of a game or the start of a new pitcher, five (5) pitches between innings.

13. A pitcher will be replaced if he/she hits 2 batters in a single inning or a total of 4 batters during their pitching sequence. They will be removed as a pitcher, but may play in a different defensive position.

14. A manager and/or coach can only make two (2) trips to the mound per pitcher, per inning. On the second trip, the pitcher must be replaced.

15. The offensive team must have a 1st and 3rd base coach. The base coaches must be either a member of the coaching staff or player. If a player is used, they must abide by the helmet rule.

16. When a thrown ball, not pitched, leaves the field of play, the umpire shall immediately declare the ball out of play. The umpire shall award all base runners the base to which they were going when the ball left the hand of the thrower, plus one additional base. It will be at the umpires’ discretion to determine if a runner was attempting to advance to a base.

17. A base runner will be called out if he/she intentionally runs into a fielder attempting to put a tag on him/her. If the umpire views the act as malicious, the runner will be ejected from the game and the team will receive an out for each at bat in the batting order for the ejected player.

18. The Home team shall sit along the third base line and the visiting team will sit along the first base line. In the event of a double header, the teams shall not be required to switch dugouts for the second game.

19. Both teams shall exchange batting lineups before each game and meet with the umpire when he/she calls for the coaches meeting. Any issues or questions shall be brought to the umpires’ attention at this meeting.

20. The Home Plate Umpire is the crew chief and is responsible for managing the game. All decisions are final and no arguing is to take place. The coach that attended the coaches meeting prior to game start will be the only one allowed to speak with the umpire for clarification.

21. In the event of Thunder or Lightning, the Home Plate Umpire will instruct both teams to take cover and wait 30 minutes from the last instance to restart the game. If 1 hour has passed, the umpire shall call the game. If 4 innings have been completed, the game will be considered completed.