Capac Youth
Baseball & Softball

Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaches are very influential on the lives of young athletes. Participants are to be taught the basic fundamentals of the sport and team work concept. CYBL strives to offer a professional, knowledgeable and fun-filled experience for all the kids in the league.

1. Coaches must wear CYBL provided shirt at all times and act in a professional manor.

2. Coaches must promote sportsmanship and "Kids First" at all times.

3. Coaches must be fair and consistent when enforcing rules and/or discipline to team members.

4. Coaches will refrain from the use of obscene language in front of team members or parents at all CYBL events.

5. Coaches will refrain from the use of alcohol and tobacco products during any CYBL event.

6. Coaches are responsible for the upkeep and return of equipment at year end and must notify the League Equipment Member of any equipment in need of repair or replacement.

7. Coaches will be required to attend the field setup clinic, or make arrangements with the Director of Operations if they can"t attend.

8. Coaches from the Home team will be responsible for the setup of the field and maintenance of the high traffic areas at the completion of each game.

9. Coaches are encouraged to attend the CYBL approved coaches clinic.

10. Coaches are encouraged to schedule a parents meeting prior to the start of the regular and post season.

11. Coaches shall not leave the field until all team members have been picked up by a parent or guardian.

12. Coaches are responsible for their teams" and their parents" conduct at all CYBL Events and will be asked by the umpire to instruct a parent to leave if they are disruptive.