Capac Youth
Baseball & Softball

Parents Code of Conduct

1. Parents must promote sportsmanship and "Kids First!"

2. Parents must refrain from the use of obscene language at all CYBL events.

3. Parents must refrain from initiating or excessively arguing with game officials, coaches or other parents. Parents, coaches, game officials and spectators must use the "24 hour" rule when any dispute or disagreement develops. CYBL will not overturn or review any judgment calls made by game officials and all rulings are final.

4. Parents will refrain from the use of tobacco products or alcohol at all CYBL events.

Parents or spectators that do not comply with the above code will be asked to remove themselves from the CYBL event. If the spectator does not immediately leave the premises CYBL reserves the right to contact the local authorities to assist in the removal of said spectator.

Click here to download the parental code of conduct form