Capac Youth
Baseball & Softball

Team Code of Conduct

1. All Players are expected to maintain the highest level of good sportsmanship. Any negative comments about the other team, your team or any players on your team will not be tolerated. Any individual who argues or questions the umpire calls, this includes putting your hands up in the air after a call or comments like "Nice Call", will be benched for the duration of the game and meet with the coaching staff to determine if you can play in any future games. "We must win, lose and play with dignity."" This rule applies to players and the coaching staff.

2. All players, who are attending a game, must play in the game. Coaches are encouraged to rotate players in multiple positions.

3. The coaching staff will make sure they evaluate each player in the position they are possibly going to play and will not overlook that opportunity. We have many things we are trying to accomplish during the game and need each player to focus on the position they have been asked to play and understand that every position on the field is just as important as any other.

4. All players are required to be at the field, on game day, no later than 30 Minutes prior to game time. Come ready to play, have water available to keep hydrated and have your uniform and equipment in good order. PLEASE DON'T FORGET PART OF YOUR UNIFORM OR EQUIPMENT.

5. There will be no food in the dugout during games. Sunflower seeds, gum, water and Gatorade are allowed, but no other food or beverage.

6. There will be no cursing allowed in the dugout or on the field. Umpires will eject any player cursing on the field.

7. Any Players, Coaches, Parents or Fans that are determined, by the coaching staff or umpire, to be negatively impacting the players with their support or comments, will be asked to leave the field.

8. The coaching staff is responsible for all aspects of strategy, lineup, execution, and management of the games. Please remember this and avoid giving any contradicting instruction to the players during practice or games.

9. No Alcoholic Beverages will be allowed at any team event, practice or game. If the coaching staff determines that an order of alcohol is present, they will ask the person to leave the field.

10. Most sporting events take place on Public School Property where smoking is prohibited. Please respect this by not smoking while participating as a player, coach or fan.

11. No dogs are allowed at any of the Sporting Complexes that we will be playing at.

These rules are established to ensure the best environment for the players and to maximize the opportunity to win baseball games. If there is any conflicts you have with the rules, please contact a board member from the above list, prior to game day, to discuss the problem. The coaching staff may revise or add to this list of rules as required.